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Group Fitness Class Description

Awesome Abs  

All Levels, Teen and Adult
This 20-minute class is a perfect compliment to your regular workout or ideal for a quick, stand-alone core boost on a busy day.  Awesome Abs will tone your core through fun and effective moves to give you a strong fitness foundations and a midriff you’re dying to show off




All Levels, Teen and Adult
Barre is a dynamic, high-energy exercise class that combines barre work and light weights with continual fat-burning motion. This ballet/aerobics-infused workout will target muscles in ways they have never been worked before.

Boxing Boot Camp



All Levels, Teen and Adult
This total-body fat-blasting class will become your favorite part of the week! Traditional boxing drills executed on hand targets and punching bags to rocking music are designed to work both beginning and advanced students, alike. End your day with the perfect pick-me-up and punch yourself into shape!

Cardio Kickboxing  

All Levels, Teen and Adult
This exciting traditional aerobics class is infused with fun kickboxing drills and combos designed to burn calories, get your heart pumping and work your muscles - head to abs to toes.


All Levels, Teen and Adult
Addictive and results-driven, this will quickly become your new favorite class. Kettlebell training is different than other forms of weight training as many parts of the body are exercised simultaneously, for a fusion of strength and effective cardiovascular training.

Power Pump


All Levels, Teen and Adult
Power Pump is a pre-choreographed barbell strength class which will take you through the most vital muscle groups, song by song. This class will build strength and result in a toned body. Strength training is a key factor in any weight control effort.
*To ensure enough equipment for each participant, pre-registration is required for this class.




All Levels, Teen and Adult
Welcome to the good-old step class you used to know and love! High-intensity, low-impact, lots of sweat and smiles, all set to rocking tunes, we will help you step it up so you can find the fittest version of you, yet!
*To ensure enough equipment for each participant, pre-registration is required for this class.


Yoga Class Descriptions

Candlelight Flow


All levels, Teen and Adult
A guided flow by gentle candlelight which will release tension and stresses from the day and rejuvenate the body through restorative poses that prepares the body for final rest.

Gratitude Sunday Flow


All Levels, Teen and Adult
Express gratitude to yourself and your surroundings through a guided Vinyasa flow which celebrates and honors you by awakening the body, mind and spirit.

Power Yoga


Intermediate/Advanced, Teen and Adult
We will guide you through sun salutations which build strength, endurance and flexibility while connecting the mind with the body to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Yoga


All Levels, Teen and Adult
The perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular flow styles of yoga, Relaxation Yoga targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine, as we hold postures for several minutes at a time.