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Yoga Class Descriptions

Family Yoga


All Levels, Infant-Adult
This class introduces children and adults to yoga through fun and creative methods which work on breath to release stress, finding a new calmness which encourages focus and self-awareness.  This class sets the foundation for children to express compassion, poise, and confidence.

Gratitude Sunday Flow


All Levels, Teen and Adult
Express gratitude to yourself and your surroundings through a guided Vinyasa flow which celebrates and honors you by awakening the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Sculpt


All Levels, Teen and Adult
Yoga sculpt is an effective and invigorating fusion of vinyasa flow yoga and strength training incorporating weights. Key Yoga Sculpt is set to exhilarating music and is a brilliant synthesis of mind, body and muscle to work you towards a long, lean and toned physique.

Sunset Flow


All levels, Teen and Adult
A guided flow which will release tension and stresses from the day and rejuvenate the body through restorative poses that prepares the body for final rest.

Vinyasa Flow 2


Intermediate/Advanced, Teen and Adult
We will guide you through sun salutations which build strength, endurance and flexibility while connecting the mind with the body to help relieve stress and anxiety.